Open Spreadsheet Files

Open spreadsheets online Instantly with our Online Spreadsheets Editor. Our online spreadsheet editor supports
.xls/.xlsx formats which is the most common spreadsheet format available.

To begin using our online spreadsheet editor, simply browse through to the spreadsheet file you wish to work on and upload your file
to begin editing. Here are a few features of our spreadsheet editor software.
  • Built-in Calculator/formulas
  • Modify your Excel Files and Save your Changes to your Computer
  • View Charts and different sheets within your Excel Spreadsheet
  • Simple Formulas such as addition/multiplication are supported
  • Ability to Undo Changes
  • Able to Highlight & Select Multiple Cells
  • Able to Copy & Paste Cell Contents
  • Convert your spreadsheets into PDF format
100% Free Software, your files are NOT saved on our servers once you finish editing them. Be assured your privacy is secured.

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